Your idea. Your way. We can help you put it in print.

Colborne’s Build-Your-Own Publisher makes YOU the publisher.

You have the creative control, you maintain ownership, and you earn the profits. All of the profits. It’s your personalized imprint.

We offer an experienced publishing team to support you every step of the way, as much or as little as you want. We have all the resources available to facilitate your new publishing imprint. What you make is up to you.

We can help you with writing, ghost-writing, editing, layout, design, printing, e-file preparation, and promotion, and we’ll automatically set you up with global distribution channels. Pick and choose only what you need from us.

We can help you with administration of contracts and royalties. We can help you with project coordination and estimate your costs and timelines. We can even help you choose keywords for SEO and train you in our marketing strategy.

With Colborne’s Build-Your-Own Publisher, you’re getting the collaboration partner you need. Agile, adaptable, simple.