Meghan Behse

Meghan Behse graduated from the University of Toronto with an MA in English literature and studied publishing at Ryerson. Before arriving at Colborne, She helped edit the University of Toronto's endless collection of Northrop Frye's theoretical writings, and served countless paellas at a downtown Spanish restaurant. Meghan is a skier and dancer, and collects red plastic tomatoes.

Jade Colbert

Jade Colbert is fresh from her swashbuckling days as editor-in-chief of Canada's largest student newspaper. In her spare time at U of T, she received a degree with high distinction in English, Canadian Studies, and Geography, then studied publishing at Ryerson. She landed at Colborne having worked at a number of places in publishing that only exacerbated her compulsion to edit everything. She finds solace in craft beer, the Saturday paper, and making lists of what she should start reading when she finishes reading what she’s reading right now.

Andrea Douglas

Armed with an English degree from York U., Andrea D. held menial, soul-sucking jobs until she discovered Ryerson's Publishing Program, worked at a women's press and an educational publisher, and then joined the Colborne crew. During her six-plus years in publishing, she's gained odd bits of knowledge in many disparate subjects, like publicizing books (and assembling canapes for book launches), gardening (but her plants still feel neglected), and choosing a good new or used vehicle (though she doesn't yet hold a driver's licence). Her editorial specialties are copy editing and proofreading, but she’s also been known to write a mean — meaning “kick-ass” — manuscript evaluation.

Greg Ioannou

This whole Colborne thing was Greg’s idea. He’s been writing and editing since 1977. He's edited more than 2000 books, and written everything from board games to annual reports. When he's not busy running the show, he likes to walk around the office in bare feet, sipping coffee and admiring his collection of stuffed mooses. Outside of the office, he captains a team in a weekly trivia league and has been known to frequent local pubs and stamp auctions. He was the very first member of the Editors' Association of Canada and has been on EAC’s executive for longer than some of the other Colborners have been alive. He’s loquacious [“full of loquats”], pugnacious [“resembling a pug”], and ornery [“Greg-like”].

Jennifer Govier (on leave)

After graduating from U of T with not much of an idea of what to do next, Jen took the first job she could find while she figured it out. As a result, she came dangerously close to becoming a financial analyst, but she also found the Ryerson Publishing Program. At last, her obsession with incorrect signs and menus could be parlayed into some kind of career. (Her favourite: We Specializing In! Drapes; on the window of a dry cleaner.) When Jen's not reading everything she can get her hands on, she is running, which helps mitigate the effects of her resolution to try every recipe in her cookbook collection. She is not a good cook; she just likes to pretend.